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Documents Need to Change as Situations Change
You probably make some changes to your benefit plans every year as part of the renewal process, whether it's changing your waiting period, switching carriers, or adding or deleting a line of coverage. When you experience changes, your documents often need to change in order to keep them in compliance with ERISA. Document updates may also be required in response to legislation and regulations.
Changes Are Faster, Easier, and Cheaper with an SMM
Distributing your Wrap-Tightsm document changes is now easier and less expensive than before with an SMM from ERISAPros. The SMM is a simple way to disclose just the benefit changes to participants rather than drafting and distributing an amended and restated SPD. Our SMM is automated; it is not a template that you must complete. Plus, it does not require you to have specialized ERISA knowledge. Just think of the time, paper, and postage savings you'll get from sending a few pages to your participants announcing minor changes rather than having to distribute a full SPD.
Distribution Rules
The SMM must be furnished in the same manner and to the same individuals as a full SPD when a plan is amended, or "materially" modified. It must conform to the same understandability standards as an SPD. The SMM must be delivered within 210 days after the end of the plan year, or within 60 days after a "material reduction" in benefits of a group health plan. There is a penalty of up to $110/day and the potential for employer liability—especially if a material reduction has occurred—for not delivering an SMM within 30 days after a participant or beneficiary requests it.
Our Commitment
At ERISAPros, we strive to anticipate and then exceed our clients' expectations. Our proprietary Wrap-Tightsm system of preparing documents is the gold standard of the industry because it is based on industry best practices. This allows you to be efficient and effective as you maintain state-of-the-art documents at an affordable cost.
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