Important Notice - September 5, 2013
Updated Documents Now Available

Updated Documents are Now Available
We are pleased to inform you that today we released a number of updates to our Wrap-Tight Plan documents based on Health Care Reform and other Federal Law updates. A new version of our documents containing these changes is now available. In order for your documents to remain in compliance, you should update and distribute them at this time. The following changes have been made as of the applicable effective dates required by law:
  1. Maximum 90-Day Waiting Period for Health Plans
  2. No Pre-Existing Condition Limitations
  3. Full Prohibition on Annual & Lifetime Limits
  4. HIPAA Notice Update
  5. COBRA Notice Update
  6. CHIPRA Notice Update
  7. Removal of DOMA Language Regarding Definitions, COBRA, and HIPAA
Please note that one of the changes is particularly time sensitive. The HIPAA Notice (included as an exhibit and appendix to the Plan Document and Summary Plan Description, respectively) may be required as early as September 23, 2013.
Platinum or Gold Plan Customers
If you have previously distributed a Wrap SPD to employees, you will need to prepare an "Amendment and Restatement" of it. Please contact us as soon as possible in order to remain in compliance.
Wrap-Tightsm Customers
In order to incorporate these changes into your Wrap-Tightsm Plan, log in at If you have previously distributed a Wrap SPD to employees, be sure to indicate that this updated plan will be "An Amendment and Restatement of an Existing Plan" under the "General Wrap Plan Information" portion of the questionnaire. The effective date under "Effective Date of This Amendment and Restatement" may need to be updated as well.
Depending on the last time you updated your documents, you may need to complete new questions in each questionnaire. In essence, make sure that all red "problems" are resolved/completed, then click "Generate New Wrap Plan Documents." Some users will not have red numbers / problems, however to incorporate the new changes, you will need to click "Generate New Wrap Plan Documents."
Exchange Notices
In addition to the update of the required language in the Plan Document and Summary Plan Description, there is a separate Notice to Employees of Coverage Options (Healthcare Marketplace ("Exchange") Notice), which is required to be distributed no later than October 1, 2013. This Notice is not included in the Plan or SPD - the Plan Sponsor/Employer must prepare and distribute it. Model Healthcare Marketplace Notices are available for your use from the DOL at:
Thank you for using ERISAPros, LLC. For any questions or comments, please contact us at (678) 443-4009.
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