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August 2011

Enrollment Error Costs Employer $159,000

Harper Excavating mistakenly told a new employee, Jeffrey Hansen, that he would be eligible after a 90-day waiting period. Hansen enrolled, and Harper began withholding payroll deductions for the coverage. Later hospitalized, Hansen learned that he was never covered because the policy had a 60-day waiting period, and his application was late. The court ordered Harper Excavating to pay $57,000 in medical expenses and $102,000 in in attorney's fees. Lessons: carry Fiduciary Liability coverage, distribute accurate SPDs on a timely basis, and be careful with deadlines! Enrollment administration will take on heightened importance with PPACA's automatic enrollment, adequate notice, and opt-out provisions soon to be required of large employers. Hansen v. Harper Excavating, Inc.

Special Limited COBRA Obligation for Health FSAs
Employers may provide more limited COBRA coverage for health FSAs than for other group health plans. They 1) may terminate coverage at the end of the year in which the qualifying event occurs; and 2) are not required to offer coverage to employees whose maximum benefit available is less than the amount the plan would require as payment for the rest of the plan year. The amount required as payment includes both the employee's contribution and the employer's contribution, if any, plus the 2% administrative fee. For details: CFR § 54.4980B-2, Q&A-8 (b) - (f)
Complex, Detailed, Lengthy, and Complicated
US Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts has acknowledged the complexities confronting ERISA plan administrators: "People make mistakes, even administrators of ERISA plans. That should come as no surprise, given that the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 is 'an enormously complex and detailed statute,' and the plans that administrators must construe can be lengthy and complicated." Proskauer Newsletter, July 2011

ERISAPros' compliance specialists have years of experience based knowledge and training in ERISA and employee benefit plans. Let us assist you the complexities of ERISA reporting and disclosure compliance requirements for health and welfare benefit plans.

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